Thursday, May 10, 2012

Five smart money tips you may not know

Five smart money tips you may not know

By Brenda Spiering, Editor,

For 12 years as a financial professional – and more recently as host of “Burn my mortgage” on the W Network – Kelley Keehn witnessed first-hand the problems so many of her clients had with money. She also admits to having a few of her own.

Image of Kelly Keehn Kelley Keehn, former financial professional, author of "The Money Book" and host of "Burn my mortgage".“By my mid-20s, I had amassed more consumer debt than I was comfortable with and my credit was less than great,” Keehn told me in an interview last week. “I vowed to clean up both. And today, I appreciate being intelligently frugal.”

Keehn shares her simple strategies for success in her latest book on personal finance, The Money Book for everyone else. It’s a simple, engaging read filled with real-life stories that covers all of the basics Canadians need to know about credit, debt and investing.

The book provides much-needed advice. It points out that today, “Canadians are saddled with over 1.4 trillion dollars in consumer debt and less that 75% have three months’ savings in an emergency account.”
But the book is also filled with nuggets of valuable information that even the most financially astute may be unaware of, such as:

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Managing Your Money Throughout the Years from the Marilyn Denis Show

Financial expert Kelley Keehn gives a viewer a "financial timeline" on how to prioritize her money.