Saturday, August 15, 2009

Intelligent frugality tip #4 - saving money on your grocery bill

I admit it. Financial guru or geek, I've not always been a conscientious shopper when it came to purchasing groceries.

Since my eyes have been opened, or, produce has simply sky rocketed in price, I've been more careful where I shop. Although living in a central location has it's perks, driving to the outlying areas of town to find a Superstore doesn't make much sense either.

Recently, I've found an urbanites dream spot - the Italian Centre downtown in Little Italy (Edmonton).

Not only have they recently renovated, making their store a refreshing environment from the old cramped one of the past, they also offer locally grown produce at a fraction of the price of Savon or Safeway.

Check out my recent grocery purchase:

All of this for a cost of $43 and change. Most notably, the red and yellow peppers which fetch a much high price at other retailers. Plus, the large bag of coffee at $10 obviously added to the bill.

For my price, I was able to purchase: 3 extra large red peppers, 3 yellow peppers, 3 exotic light yellow peppers, 4 long hot peppers, 5 red onions, 2 apples, 4 vine ripened tomatoes, 6 zucchini, 5 packages of pasta, a package of dates, biscotti, chocolate wafers, a large package of coffee and a pack of butter.

What I also love about the Italian Centre is their organic feel with most of their produce supplied by local farmers. Check them out and surprise yourself with their selection and savings.

Happy shopping!

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