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Kelley Keehn on Why Cash is Still King - AOL's WalletPop

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Nov 26th 2010
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WalletPop is pleased to feature the first column from financial expert Kelley Keehn, co-host of TV's Burn My Mortgage, which airs weekly on the W Network.

By Kelley Keehn

There's nothing that will spoil a shopping experience as much as hearing the dreaded words, "declined" when paying for a purchase after a long, gruelling work-day.

Recently, while using my debit card for a relatively small purchase, my card was declined. Shocked and dismayed as I mumbled to myself in disbelief while a long line of irritated customers sighed as I insisted the clerk retry my card, it failed me when I needed it. Annoyed with myself that I didn't have more than five dollars cash in my wallet; I defaulted to my credit card. Knowing there was a large amount of funds in the savings account I was trying to access; I tried again at another store and still heard the dreaded word, "declined" from the store clerk.

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