Monday, January 17, 2011

Are You Intelligently Frugal or Just a Cheapskate? Take This Quiz if You Dare! - AOL's WalletPop Canada

Kelley Keehn
Jan 17th 2011 at 9:00AM

The past couple of years have been tough on many Canadians and for a brief period of time, frugality was the financial buzz word. I'd like to add the adjective "intelligent" preceding frugality (being smart with your money) as a trend I hope will stay.

But then there are those individuals, you know the ones (maybe intimately), that are just plain cheap.

Take this test to find out if you're fantastically frugal, penny-wise and pound-foolish or a killjoy miser.

Question #1: Have you ever been out with friends for dinner and excused yourself just as the bill came to avoid chipping in?

A: Never; I can't stand people that do that
B: I'll be honest – I've thought about it
C: Yes, and I can't count how many times (is that wrong?)

Question #2: The last time the Girl Guides or Boy Scouts came to your door fundraising, you:

A: Bought one of what they were offering
B: Told them you bought at the office
C: Shut the blinds and turned off the lights when you saw them coming

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