Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Should Couples Have Financial Secrets? Part 2. AOL's WalletPop Canada

There IS an easier way than keeping financial secrets, and it starts with you saying "yes" to the following question. Could you have lived on 90 percent of your income for all of the years you have worked thus far? Would you have died or been kicked out on the street? Could you have made it? Of course you could have. After all, there are thousands of Canadians that have had to take pay-cuts over the years and many that have stayed at jobs that have cut their salary more than 10 percent. Although it is abundantly obvious that we could have made out alright if we just lived on 10 percent less income each year, as a financial professional, I can assure you that most Canadians do not. Somehow we always pay our bills but rarely ourselves. If the roof needs repairing, we always find the extra money. Or if Johnny needs new glasses, we manage to muster up the available cash, but no matter what level our income is at, our expenses always seem to catch up to our income or even exceed it.

Continue reading to find out about The Banking Game here: http://www.walletpop.ca/blog/2011/05/03/should-couples-have-financial-secrets-part-2/

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