Friday, September 30, 2011

Don’t let hockey take a slapshot to your wallet

My five-year-old nephew is pretty excited these days, but who could blame him? On Saturday, he’ll be suiting up for his very first hockey game: a momentous occasion for his parents, and sports-loving aunt. And while I don’t quite know what to expect from his tyke league – I’m imagining a pack of boys shuffling aimlessly across the ice for 45 minutes – I do know this: Hockey is one pricey pastime.

By the time league fees are paid and the catalogue of equipment is purchased, parents will be on the hook for hundreds and hundreds of dollars. In fact, according to a study by Harris/Decima, 49 per cent of Canadian families plan to shell out approximately $1,000 per child to play hockey this year.

Sad but true. The cost of partaking in the good old hockey game is incredibly steep, presenting a real barrier to many families.

“It can price a lot of parents out of the market,” says personal finance expert and author Kelley Keehn. “But everything that’s expensive can be managed with the right tools.”

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