Tuesday, May 28, 2013

CPA Canada book a financial literacy award winner

TORONTO, April 4, 2013 –  A  Canadian’s Guide to Money-Smart Living, published by the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada) to help individuals become better money-managers, received international recognition winning a prestigious E.I.F.L.E. ( Excellence in Financial Literacy Education) Award. 
The special guide was named Adult’s Book of the Year, Credit by the Institute for Financial Literacy based in the United States.
In total, 16 Excellence in Financial Literacy Awards were presented. Now in their seventh year, the awards were created to acknowledge innovation, dedication and the commitment of individuals and organizations that support financial literacy education worldwide.
“We are honoured to be recognized by the Institute for Financial Literacy,” said Cairine Wilson, vice-president, member services, CPA Canada. “The book provides valuable guidance to help individuals become more comfortable with everyday money matters. Each chapter deals with an essential aspect of money management and outlines easy action steps.”
Managing cash, credit cards and other debt are among the topics covered in the book. The author is Kelley Keehn, one of Canada’s most prominent personal finance experts and a passionate advocate for improving the financial literacy of Canadians.
“We produced the book to provide guidance and support and this award is a wonderful acknowledgment of that goal,” said Keehn. “The book is clear, simple to understand and even fun to read. It is never too late for individuals to take control of their finances.”
CPA Canada was established with the unification of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA) and The Society of Management Accountants of Canada (CMA Canada). The organization became operational on April 1, 2013. The national organization supports provincial accounting bodies that have unified, and those that will unify, under the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) banner.
CPA Canada will be responsible for providing services to legacy CAs and CMAs on behalf of the CICA and CMA Canada as well as CPAs and Certified General Accountants (CGAs) participating in the unification effort. 
Wilson accepted the award on behalf of CPA Canada at the Annual Conference on Financial Education in Orlando, Florida. A Canadian’s Guide to Money-Smart Living was originally published by the CICA and can be obtained by visiting www.castore.ca/moneysmartliving.
About CPA Canada
CPA Canada is the national organization representing the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) profession in Canada. The Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA) and The Society of Management Accountants of Canada (CMA Canada) created the organization on January 1, 2013, to support unification of the Canadian accounting profession under the CPA banner. CPAs will serve the public interest across all sectors of the economy with integrity, sound ethical practices, disciplined regulation and proven strategic management and financial expertise. Accounting bodies representing 85 per cent of Canada’s professional accountants are committed to unification or have already merged under the CPA banner.
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