Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Book review: What The Fork by Sue Jacques

Although this is the Keehn On Money blog, I'm super Keehn On Etiquette.  In my own experience, those with extreme wealth or who have achieved success, are often polite, well-mannered individuals.  And because of their position in society, they need to know how to navigate events with grace. 

Whether you've achieved success or are still on your journey to its attainment, why not know the cultural rules that can get you ahead and create more ease in your social life?

For every time a dinner guest has stolen your side plate or drank from your water glass (or gasp, you committed such atrocities), What The Fork is a must-have!  I enjoyed soaking in its elegant advice espoused without attitude and a healthy dose of humor.

This stunningly laid out book covers what we’re just not taught in today’s society.  How to be civilized without judgement.  In a manageable 154 pages, this graceful guide covers everything from the importance of a strong first in-person impression, how a formal table is laid-out and what will annoy your fellow diners.  It’s magically peppered with thoughtful quotes that had me cheering the need to bring back traditional dinning as the sophisticated art it once was – or, at least should once in a while be.

If you’re lucky enough to meet the author, Sue Jacques, you’ll be delighted to savour her charm.  This gorgeous and timely book is a congruent reflection of her own down to earth charm, wrapped in a uber chic, refined, impeccably put together (yet humble) exterior.

Buy this book for yourself and for those that could use a little refinement (admit it … three people just came to mind).  Click here for more info.

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