Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Would you like to participate in my experiment?

Hello friends,

Thanks for checking in on this new blog.

If you're willing, I need your help for an experiment. You might be familiar with the Small
World Theory or at the very least, the 6 Degrees theory. The idea is that within one's social network, an individual can connect to virtually anyone on earth. True? I'm not sure. Thus the experiment.

The Purpose

Actually, I believe that the possibility greatly exists and encourage readers of my newest book, The Prosperity Factor for Kids that the notion deserves a try. Can you imagine how your life might be different if you were told growing up that you could potentially meet anyone on earth? How might that have changed your future? And with the natural affinity kids have with technology including blogs, texting, etc., our youth are more connected than I could have ever imagined growing up.

On to the challenge...

The goal:
1. to see if it works
2. determine how many degrees or human connections it will actually take
3. to chart the progress for my readers - I've included it in my newest book
4. could be fun for all involved

I promised my readers (and I'm really behind in getting this going) that I would first try the experiment personally and chart my progress, successes, broken chains, etc. so they might learn from them and help their children do the same.

So, I'm looking for a number of people that will start a human chain hopefully linking me to my end person and each chain will race to see if one chain can find my end person in less than 6 steps (hence the 6 degrees notion).

My end person in Oprah. I can't think of a more balanced woman; with money, gifting to the community, making a difference on this planet and breaking stereotypes daily. As an author, I further admire her quest to continue to make North Americans more literate through her book club. Lastly, come on. What author wouldn't want to be on Oprah. One show pretty much guarantees success.

You might ask why myself or my publisher doesn't just contact Oprah directly? First, this is an experiment to see if the Small World Theory holds up and if in fact my network can connect me to her. Second, you can't imagine how nearly impossible it is to "break" into getting on Oprah as so many try. What better way to have a chance with her than to have someone introduce us or better yet, hand her one of my books.

What's in it for you?

1. A small gift for the first five chains
2. A promise of reciprocity if you'd like to try this experiment yourself
3. My unyielding gratitude

First, I hope that you're at least curious as to the possibility of success with this experiment. If it works, it could change your outlook on how you connect to people in the future.

Second, for the first five chains or people to reply, I will offer you and each person that you link to in your chain (to a maximum of 10 people per chain) my first book, The Prosperity Factor. I will gift you and each person in your chain a book and will even ship it free of charge.

Lastly, I would also like to start a number of chains (no maximum) that are willing to participate without a gift and only the promise of reciprocity ...that if you or anyone in your chain would like to try this experiment yourself, I'll be the first to sign up for you. I hope that I can prove to my readers that you don't need to always entice participation with a gift. That many will assist just to see if the Small World Theory works and to connect a few fellow human beings.

What's needed from you

What I need from each participant:
1. A willingness and commitment to find just one person within your network that you think could connect me to Oprah.
2. Convince that person to do the same with the chain

I need you to reply ASAP and please only do so if you're interested. Also let me know if you're willing to be in the second group of chains NOT requiring a gift. The entire experiment should only take a few moments of your time (other than reading this verbose blog) to call or email someone you know that you think could then know someone that could possibly connect this project, in 5 steps or less (you're step one). For example, you might think of those you work with or for, your spouse, family, friends, doctor, pastor, lawyer, groups...someone who might know someone in the entertainment field, a publicist, etc. etc. Or anyone you think is well connected.

I do need your commitment that you'll do your best to keep your chain moving and will enlist the help of others that will also keep their chain moving. If there's a broken link, I'll ask the one that broke it to re-connect with someone and if that doesn't work, will move back up the chain for repair.

But remember....this is a race...

The first team to reach Oprah could be the one on her show. Who knows. One can dream right?

Lastly, I need your agreement to fill out a small registration form with just your name and contact info, your age and occupation. I will keep this information absolutely confidential and is only needed if we need to reach you or send you a gift (or to contact you when Oprah calls). You will also need to please gather this information from the person you introduce this experiment to, pass it on to me, explain the rules and so forth.

Very lastly, to chart the progress of the various chains as I have promised my readers, I will need your agreement to post your FIRST name only, last name initial and occupation and city.

If you've made it this far in my note, I extend my heartfelt thanks for your interest and participation. Think how the success of this experiment could change the life of a child with the crazy notion that even the least amongst us can link in to the awesome power that our social network holds the key to.

Please post your comments, ideas, thoughts and email me at kelley.keehn@gmail.com if you'd like to sign up.

Live prosperously!


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