Friday, August 10, 2007

Random acts of kindness

Who doesn't appreciate the genuine extention of love from a fellow human being? And it's most special when repayment isn't an option.

If you've read any of my books, you know that I list ideas for Random Acts of Kindess in all of them and I'm always looking for new please post your comments here.

One I hadn't thought of and I was blown away by occurred recently at a Tokyo Express here in Edmonton. Generally, I'm touring, jetting somewhere or intensely writing at home and rarely go out when home (my sweetie so kindly does all the grocery shopping, etc.). One day I decided to get guessed it...a bowl at Tokyo Express. I know what you're thinking...but it's filling, generally a pretty healthy fast food decision and quick. Of course I wait until rush hour to finally head out and can't believe how popular this spot is. Apparently everyone in town had the same idea.

Somewhat sheltered from reality and the local scene these days, when I do venture out in my own city, I really take in every detail I can. While waiting in line for what seemed like forever (probably only 15 minutes), I couldn't help but notice how lovely and well dressed the woman in front of me was. A young corporate type, extremely elegant and curiously patient. I on the other hand was starting to appreciate my experience less and my triple "A" personality had me tapping my foot and impatiently wondering how a "bowl" can take so long to prepare.

I was trilled when my number was called, started pressing the automatic car door opening even before leaving the establishment and there, as I headed out the door was the lovely young woman that was in line before me.

"What was she doing" I thought? She had handed her bag which looked like it had a large bowl, some other sides and an ice tea to a young homeless man that I only gave a few loonies to on the way in.

"What is this" I thought. She waited, what seemed like after a long day at the office very patiently in line for a dinner that wasn't even going to be hers. Hmmmmm...what a fantastic act of kindness indeed!

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