Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Secrets to Save More Money Now - Part Two

Marilyn Denis show

Catch part one of my article here and the second part of my interview with Marilyn Dennis the other week here.

The second part of the show featured an extreme couponer and an extreme contester. Sure, these can be great ways to shave big dollars off your budget, but they should be ventured at in moderation and with balance (I know an executive making big bucks that drives for 30 minutes to save a few dollars on gas). And with coupons, always make sure that the retailer isn't leading you to spend money on goods and services you wouldn't make if it wasn't for the coupon. We've all had friends in the past that would only dine if they had a deal from their Entertainment book, right?

Read my full article here: http://www.walletpop.ca/2011/10/31/secrets-to-save-more-money-now-part-two/

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