Thursday, November 10, 2011

Your Money & You - Part Two - The Cost of Learning

(This is part two in a five part CBC Radioactive series. Catch part one here and the audio interview from CBC Radioactive here).

Whether you're saving for your kids' education, putting yourself through university going back to school later in life, it all takes a large sum of money!

Let's start with the kids

I often get asked, when is the best time for parents to start saving for their children's education? And of course, the logical answer is as soon as possible. But how realistic is that? Considering what an expensive time it is in one's life to raise kids, now couples have to fret not only about paying down debt, starting an emergency account, topping up RRSPs but now school too?

I think a better question parents should ask is how much are they willing to save for their children's education and in balance with their own goals. That's a personal one up to your individual family needs. The second question should be, what's the best way to go about saving those dollars?

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